Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Last week, some friends decided to host a potluck. They had to borrow someone else's house to do it, but it still counts as hosting, right?

Since they're both Latino, they decided to go with a theme. There was all kinds of good food: enchilada casserole, arroz con pollo, excellent guacamole, salad (of course), and pie for dessert. Apple. Not terribly Latino, but yummy all the same.

I made cornbread, a new thing for me.

It was so easy. So good, and so easy. I made a really easy recipe from How to Cook Everything, but this Food Network recipe is really pretty close to what I made.

Of course, it's me, so it can never really be all that easy.

There was no buttermilk at the Wal-Mart near my house. None to be had. Now, I know you can use milk, or sour milk with vinegar, but I thought, hey, let's try something a little different: yogurt. Biscuits made with yogurt are excellent, so how bad can cornbread be?

Not bad at all. A little less sweet than I'm used to, but good. I threw some cumin in, to give it some punch, and it all turned out nicely. I made two pans, muffins and just bread, and the muffins cooked better. I have the worst oven in the world, so it took about an hour instead of the 20 minutes the recipe promised, and the pan bread was still undercooked, but the muffins were perfect.

So now I have another side to add to my repertoire. It's good stuff.


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